Ready to register?  Here's what you'll need...

Before you get started on your online registration here are a few things to have in order:
  • Know who you'll be registering - spouse, partner, children, etc.
  • Find out if they have any food allergies and/or if they'll need special assistance in order to attend the conference.
  • Note the list of sessions each registrant will be attending.
  • If you have already made a hotel reservation please have your confirmation number.

Do you have a child/children attending the Children's Conference Camp?

If you have a child/children who will attend the Children's Conference Camp you will need to know the following:
  • Birth date and age.
  • Dietary restrictions and/or food allergies.
  • Any medical problems and/or current medications. 
  • Name and telephone number of their doctor.
  • Insurance carrier and policy number.
**Please note that you will need to fill out the Children's Conference Camp paperwork while completing your online registration.  Paperwork for Children's Conference Camp will not be accepted onsite.

Conference Questions

For questions about the National Alopecia Areata Foundation or for more information about
the 33rd Annual National Alopecia Areata Foundation International Conference please email us at