Children's Alopecia Areata Conference Camp
The Premier Event for Kids with Alopecia Areata

Kids Camp (ages 5-10) | Tweens Camp (ages 11-13) | Teens Camp (ages 14-17)
The Children’s Conference Camp supports children with alopecia areata by nurturing their self-esteem through carefully planned activities by the Corporate Kids Events (CKE) team. Support arises spontaneously as the kids interact with others who have alopecia areata, as well as their siblings and friends, in a fun, creative, and active environment. Kids, Tweens and Teens are sure to adapt quickly and make new friends and wonderful memories. Creative arts and activities are interspersed throughout the weekend.
Camp Safety

Sign-in and digital photos are required for all Campers. To ensure their safety, children who participate in the Kids and Tweens Camp will be photographed initially with their parent or guardian, and only those adults who appear in the photo with the child will be able to sign-out the child from camp.
Corporate Kids Events, Inc.
Corporate Kids Events has organized and managed camps for children of all ages for over 20 years. Parents trust and value the professional, high-quality care the CKE counselors consistently give to children. All CKE counselors are certified in CPR and First Aid and take part in an extensive CKE training program. They are fingerprinted and background-checked. NAAF volunteers will also be on hand to interact with the children to enrich their conference experience.

Do you have a child/children attending the Children's Conference Camp?

While completing your online registration, parents are requred to:
  • Complete permission and emergency consent forms for EACH CHILD participating in Camp.
  • Provide a detailed list of safe and acceptable foods for children with allergies or special dietary needs.
This information MUST be provided before you will be able to complete your registration.
If you have a child/children who will attend the Children's Conference Camp you will need to know the following:
  • Birth date and age.
  • Dietary restrictions and/or food allergies.
  • Any medical problems and/or current medications. 
  • Name and telephone number of their doctor.
  • Insurance carrier and policy number.
**Please note that you will need to complete the Children's Conference Camp paperwork before completing your registration.  Applications will not be accepted onsite.