Tortoise and Hair™ Conference Walk

How To Get Started:

This year’s Tortoise & Hair™ Conference Walk takes you and your family to the seat of our nation’s decision-making—Capitol Hill! After a rousing Advocacy Day prep session, we’ll set off for the Capitol Building itself where we’ll pause for an epic group photo on the famous steps. Then you and your group, chosen by state and/or congressional district, will continue on to a series of meetings with your senators and house members on both sides of The Hill. All told, you will be walking approximately five miles along The Hill and halls of power as you and your family raise awareness for alopecia areata, along with funds to benefit NAAF as we continue to provide awareness, support, and research for the alopecia areata community.
There’s no entry fee, but each walker or family must have an online Donation Page (or Pledge Sheet) with a minimum total donation of $25 per individual or $50 per family. Details and pledge sheets will be included in conference confirmation packets, and there will be amazing prizes for the highest earners.
Don’t think you’ll be going to the conference, but still want to participate in the walk? No problem! You can set up a donation page allowing you to hold your own virtual Tortoise & Hair™ Conference Walk right in your own hometown.
  1. Set a fundraising goal. It’s easy! Build your own fundraising page by clicking the 'Become A Fundraiser' button.
  2. Share your story. Tell others about yourself, why alopecia areata is important to you, and upload photos!
  3. Share your page on Facebook and Twitter, ask your friends and family to support your goal, and invite others to join your team!