This will be our 34th year offering exhibitors the opportunity to market a variety of products and supplies available for people with alopecia areata, including wigs, head coverings, jewelry, cosmetics (makeup and eyebrows) and more.

We were delighted to have 600+ attendees at each of our last three conferences in Washington, DC, Miami and Scottsdale.  For our upcoming conference in Renton we estimate that over half of the attendees will be first-time conference attendees.

We offer two levels of registration. The first level is for the ‘NAAF Boutique’ exhibitors selling items over $250. The second level is for ‘NAAF Bazaar’ exhibitors where the items for sale are $250 or less
If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please print, sign and return the PDF of NAAF Exhibitor Rules and Regulations Agreement no later than Monday May 20, 2019. When we approve and counter sign your agreement, we will provide you with a unique web link to register you and your representatives as exhibitors. Please do not register beforehand.

We hope you can join us.